Marcus Deen

Head Coach - Owner Deen Figure Skating

Marcus, the mastermind behind Stichting Deen Figure Skating, boasts a stellar career in both artistic roller skating and ice figure skating. A former international competitor, he achieved top rankings in European and World Championships for roller skating before becoming the Dutch National Champion in ice skating six times. Now a renowned coach for over 15 years at the Stichting Deen Figure Skating, Marcus emphasizes collaboration with international coaches to provide top-notch training for the next generation of Dutch skaters.

Alexandra Huijgens

Assistant Head Coach

Alexandra Huijgens, a Dutch figure skating coach, began her skating journey in Alkmaar at age 8, training extensively with our founder Marcus Deen. After a 10-year career as a competitive skater, she transitioned to coaching, overseeing recreational skaters and adults at Deen Figure Skating. Under Marcus’s guidance, she now leads these groups and coaches a show team and competitive skaters of all ages and levels. Since joining our team in Summer Camp 2020, Alexandra has passionately imparted her love for the sport to new, ambitious skaters and the next generation, remaining an active participant in her club’s annual skating show.

Jimmy Tavares


Jimmy, a French figure skating choreographer, began his career at age 8, achieving competitive success before transitioning to professional roles including acting in the film “Ma Vraie Vie à Rouen” and performing at Disneyland Paris. Touring internationally with Holiday on Ice for 12 years, he settled in the Netherlands, offering choreography workshops across 12 cities weekly. His expertise has led to numerous National Champion titles, and he continues to share his passion for figure skating while pursuing freelance graphic and web design projects and growing his Instagram channel.

Monique Elgin

Dance Coach

Monique, originally from Suriname and raised in Amsterdam, transitioned from korfball to pursue her passion for dance at Lucia Marthas Institute For Performing Arts. Graduating in 1993, she engaged in various TV and theatre shows, later establishing Dance & Fitstudio 115 in 1997. Since 2008, she has been imparting her dance knowledge at the Alkmaar Figure Skating Club while continuing to inspire and develop talent.

Robin van Zutphen​

Ballet Coach

Robin, a ballet instructor and choreographer born in Amsterdam, trained at the AHK School of Performing Arts’ Jazz Show-Musical Department, the Vaganova Academy in Russia, and the Alvin Ailey School in New York. After dancing professionally with the Introdans company in Arnhem, he moved to Germany and began teaching in 2006. His notable achievements include a nomination for the International Tanzania Solo Festival for choreography in Stuttgart and collaborations with the Dutch National Opera and Ballet, including a solo co-created with Ahmed Joudeh. Since 2014, he has mentored dancers at Amsterdam’s Zhembrovsky Ballet School under the invitation of Alexander Zhembrovsky, former principal of the Dutch National Ballet.


Nathalie Mieremet-Oogjen has been active as a figure skating coach for 14 years. She has skated on a national level for 12 years. As a coach she has been fortunate to travel a lot and be at many international competitions like EYOF in 2015 and various ISU Junior Grand Prix’s.

For the last many years she has also been very active as a national judge (MITF) and as a Technical Specialist.

Timothy de Vries

Fitness Coach

Timothy, a self-employed personal trainer, found his passion for fitness after losing weight, leading him to pursue certifications since 2013. His focus lies in setting and achieving realistic goals, emphasizing form, structure, strength, mobility, and conditioning. Understanding the challenges of adopting a healthy lifestyle firsthand, Timothy believes in personalized attention for each athlete, combining interactive and physical activities with enjoyment. He’s been a valued fitness coach for figure skaters at the Alkmaar Figure Skating Club for many years, contributing positively to Marcus Deen’s coaching team in various training camps.